Kamrose Window Cleaning got started in London in 2010, and ever since then, we’ve been catering to the window and glass cleaning needs of homes, businesses and community groups all through this area and all the neighbouring ones as well. To use the old cliché (simply because it’s true), there’s no job too big or small for us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out, whether you want regular window cleaning or whether you need a good bit of shine and polish for your glass for a special occasion (e.g. end of tenancy clean-ups, getting ready for a sale or home inspection, or for a big party).

You can contact us at any time to find out more about our glass and window cleaning services or to make a booking. In fact, why not get in touch with us right now?

Our Core Principles When Cleaning Windows

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning in London

Although we use modern window washing techniques like our reach and wash window cleaning machines rather than rickety old ladders, we have some old-fashioned values – like good old hard work and making sure that we keep our customers happy. This is how we roll in London!

We believe in doing a good job for a fair price. This is why we like to use a straightforward pricing system for all window cleaning jobs, be they commercial or domestic (contact us if you want to get a free quote for washing your windows). We don’t want to lock you into some contract for regular scheduled window cleans you don’t really want but we’re more than happy to set up regular services if this is what suits you best.

Speaking of a good job at a fair price, did you know that if you’re a landlord or the property manager for a block of rented flats or the person responsible for arranging cleaning services for a large London based office block, our reach and wash window cleaning machines are very efficient when it comes to cleaning a lot of windows at once? Because these extendible water-fed poles can reach every window up to six storeys up on one side of a building very easily with minimal set-up and moving around time, they do the job very efficiently. They’re a lot more efficient than a lot of other window cleaning techniques you see out there like scissor lifts (only reach up so far and need to be moved for every single window), scaffolding (takes ages to set up), cherry pickers (like scissor lifts), cradles (also take ages to set up as well as being a bit risky) and abseiling equipment (not always suitable for every job if there isn’t a safe anchor point as well as being really dangerous). With our high reach window cleaning machines, though, it’s a case of move out the pump somewhere in the middle of one side, then get going, extending and retracting the pole as needed. Once the windows on the whole side of the building have been done, it’s on to the next side – simple, straightforward and very cost-effective.

We are Proud With Our Window Washing Techniques

We also pride ourselves on how well we listen to our London customers. That’s another old-fashioned value that hasn’t gone out of style and probably never will. We listen to you when you tell us what you want cleaned (i.e. we won’t clean something if you haven’t asked us to, incurring extra charges). We also listen to you when you tell us how often you want your windows and glass cleaned, whether a fortnightly session suits you best or whether you want your windows washed monthly or every six weeks or something else. We also listen to you when you tell us the time of day that you want a window cleaner to come around, especially if having a window cleaner coming in at a particular time of day will be really disturbing even with the use of our high reach window cleaning machines (e.g. in a school or if you have to sleep during the day because of working night shifts).

Our Commitment To The Environment

Window cleaning, if it’s not done right, can be a bit of a menace to the environment. Some of the window cleaning products out there, like the ones you can buy in the supermarket, are pretty toxic not just to manufacture but also to use and to dispose of. Now, it’s always good to cut down on the amount of nasties being released into the air, soil and water around our homes and workplaces, and this is one of the reasons why we don’t use these harsh ammonia-based window cleaning sprays if we can help it (in fact, we hardly ever use them).

You might ask what we use instead. We use plain old water. Good old H2O is very good at removing most types of dirt that you can find on glass – especially when it’s combined with a bit of agitation and elbow grease. More water coming up the window washing machines rinses the dirt away, and then the blade attachment on the business end of the machine wipes the pane of glass perfectly dry. The rinse water can then fall harmlessly down and it won’t harm any plants or soil below the windows – in fact, the plants in your conservatory or your window box planter might be grateful for the extra water. Otherwise, it just goes down the drain and into the water system to take part in nature’s great water recycling scheme.

As an added bonus, using just pure water to clean windows and drying the glass off thoroughly afterwards means that there aren’t any residues left behind. With regular window washing products, residues keep on doing what they are designed to do, which is to attract dirt. This means that your windows get dirtier again more quickly. But with water, however, this doesn’t happen because there aren’t any chemicals sitting on the glass attracting fresh dirt, which means that you don’t have to call out Kamrose’s window cleaners quite so often. It also means that there aren’t any streaks left behind!

Our reach and wash water-fed poles and pumps don’t have a very big environmental footprint, either. The only real demands they make come in the form of using water to clean – and even then, they don’t use massive amounts. The pump part of the machine does require a bit of energy to send the water up through the pole, and during winter, a bit more energy is needed to heat the water so that it doesn’t freeze on the way up to your windows and damage our equipment (or scratch solar panels or Perspex). Apart from that, they just need elbow grease to operate!

If you don’t believe that water is able to clean glass as well as that, when why not just give us a call and book in for a window cleaning session so you can see for yourself? Your London home deserves only the best!

We’re Here To Help You With Your Window Cleaning Needs

No matter where you’re located in London, or whether you’re a small domestic customer needing the windows on a tiny cottage washed or a big company with lots of windows and glass doors that need to be given plenty of shine, Kamrose Window Cleaning is here to help you!

Talk to our friendly customer services team to find out more about our window and glass cleaning services, or to make a booking whenever you like. We’re ready to take your call!