How Reach & Wash Changed Window Cleaning

I have been in the window cleaning business for over two decades, and let me tell you – the landscape in the industry has changed so dramatically that you can hardly recognise it. I distinctly remember the day when I saw the turn of the tide, and when I told myself “this is a game-changer”. It was the first time I observed a Reach & Wash procedure for upper-floor windows.

You may argue that it is an overstatement, but the Reach & Wash gear has thoroughly altered the “rules of the game”, especially if cleaners have to treat glass surfaces at 15 or even 30 feet above the ground. Why is that the case?

Ten years ago, you had to be a bit of a daredevil to succeed in the world of upper-floor window cleaning, spending half of your working day on ladders or scaffolds. There was a natural process of selection – only the bravest and strongest survived in the long run, while the rest stuck to easier window cleaning tasks. The Reach & Wash method has obviously changed that – even a 15-year old kid can operate with the poles that do not require any particular skill or experience to handle.

Another great feature of the gear is that it does not require detergents, soaps, shampoos or any other chemical-based materials. It only employs running water, which is in perfect alignment with the modern “green cleaning” trend.

So if you check a window washing contractor’s website and it claims that Reach & Wash is some out-of-this-world innovation that only they can bring to your home, do not fall for it. Every respectable technician now works with the water-fed poles – which is perfectly fine by me!